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General Information

About the 413Fundraising Store

413Fundraising Store is a Free fundraising platform offered to schools, teams, non profits, and other entities looking to sell branded apparel.  We work with each individual organization to custom tailor items and price points that are on brand and fulfill their fundraising goals.  413Fundraising is a subsidiary of 413Shirts , a screen printing & gifts company located in Pittsfield, MA.


413Fundraising accepts payment  via credit card, debit card or Paypal. These payments are processed electronically and securely. For organization that elect to offer fundraisers via in person sales we will also accept payment in the form of check or money order. No personal payment information will ever be stored.

Customer Service

Customer Service for the 413Fundraising store can be reached by calling 413-281-5292, e-mailing or by contacting us with your questions.


Orders from 413Fundraising store by default ship back to the organization for distribution for Free.  Some organizations may elect to offer direct shipping for a fee, and those items ship via best way depending on the size of the order.  Typical carriers include USPS and UPS Ground. 



Each 413Fundraising order is custom produced to levels of highest quality. So, if after inspection of your custom goods, the customer is dissatisfied because of an error on our part or the blank items themselves are materially flawed, the store will be happy to accept those items in return and supply you with new ones.


Each fundraiser specifies how they would like to see delivery of their items occur.  Check the individual page for your fundraiser for information about delivery.  By default, most fundraisers elect to close their store, and manufacture and print their items at once to keep costs affordable for their customers. 413Fundraising then strives to deliver all orders within a 2-3 week time period from the close of the store.   In some cases, an option can be setup to manufacture and ship items as orders are placed.

What Does My Organization Earn?

413Fundraising strives to offer our partners some of the highest returns.  In most cases profit margins of 30 -50% are built into each item.   Our platform is completely customizable, so we can work with each individual partner to create a pricing strategy that works best for their fundraiser.

Start Your Fundraiser Today!

Want to start your own fundraiser?   E-Mail us today to get started at!  We will talk you through your design, help you design your items, set your prices, and get you up and running with your fundraiser quickly!


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